Crafting a Spriter Profile

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Crafting a Spriter Profile

Post  iSushi on Sat Aug 07, 2010 3:27 am

When making your spriter profile, you are basically making a mini-gallery.

Here's a quick form!

Spriter Profile Form

Name :

Small gallery of at least three (3) sprites you've made :

Points :
Total , Wins, Loses

Availability :

And that's really it!

How do sprite battles work?

Basically, you will challenge or be challenged to a fight and PM me (Junior). They will give you a COMPLETELY RANDOM theme for you to sprite from, and your battle will be based on that. After completion, both sprites will be posted in the Sprite Arena with a poll for each contender. The better one will win, and the winner will gain a point toward their record.

As for the deadline of your battle, the two participants have to agree on a deadline. I won't choose that for you.

All in all, if you need any more insight on profiles you can check out the Animator Profile rules as well, they're the same as these for the most part.

Enjoy yourself!

I've already made an animator profile and ect, can I still be a spriter in the competition too?

Yes you can! Just make sure you don't overload yourself with work.


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