Suggestion thread rules.

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Suggestion thread rules.

Post  ZerO on Sat Aug 07, 2010 7:56 am

Welcome to the suggestion thread. If you are here, chances are you are going to make a topic to throw your ideas for the forum or website to us. Well first let me point out a few things you should do before you make said thread, to avoid any spam topics or unneeded work for the admins/moderators to do!

First: Skim through closed topics in the Rejected and Accepted sub-forums to make sure you're not suggesting something we've already discussed in the past. Doing this will do many things, such as ease your mind toward the subject, prevent some unneeded spam, or just piss you off that your dumb-fuck idea got rejected.

Second: Make sure your suggestion has at least readable grammar. If you need to use Google as an English assistant, please do so. Although we DO read through all our suggestions, it would make our day much easier if you actually used real words. The staff here at Maplemation looks down apon maltreatment of the English language of any sort. May you be struck by spear if you do so.

Third: If you see a rejected suggestion from a long time ago and think it may be a good addition to the forum and/or website now, please don't make a thread about it. Send one of the admins (not moderators, they don't have access to physically change the forum) a private message about said suggestion. If you ignore this and make a topic about it, we'll only shake our fists at you and pour some delicious warn liquid into that cute little warn bar you have there.

Fourth, and last: Think about your suggestion thoroughly before making a topic about it. Don't think that a Naruto themed Maple banner would be an awesome addition to the forum without going through your idea at least three times and realize you're probably a jackass for thinking such retarded things.


This, concludes our amazing take-through of the rule-bound world of the Suggestion Forum. Please, stick to these rules here. I'd hate to see them broken. Or you.


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